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MoreThan Roofing Ltd are experienced Wimbledon lead roofers/roofing contractors who can carry out expert installation, repairs and replacements in this area. If you are looking for; local lead roofers, lead roofing specialists, lead roof repairs, local lead roofing contractors than we are here and happy to assist.


What is Lead Roofing?


Lead roofing consists of sheets of lead material which are attached to the surface area of a roof. A range of shaped tiles come in the form of square, rectangular, or oval-shaped which are often situated adjacent to one another, or may overlap slightly. This material may also have slightly raised ridges running throughout it too. When first laid, lead roofing is typically black; however over a period of time its colour lightens to a weathered grey shade.


Is Lead Roofing Safe?


One of the big concerns that people often have when considering lead roofing is its overall safety. Whilst exposure to lead paint and dust can be harmful, lead roofs do not pose the same hazards to occupants of a building. This is due largely in part to the distance that the roof is away from the people inside the property.

There is also very little runoff that might get into ground water, so having rain hit this type of roof surface does not pose any hazard to local drinking water either.




  • Lead slates and saddles.
  • Chimney back Gutters.
  • Aprons and cover flashings.
  • Lead Flashings.
  • Lead hips and ridges.
  • Gulleys and pitched valleys.
  • Weatherings to cornices, parapets etc.
  • Lead slates and saddles.
  • Parapet, box and tapered gutter.


At MoreThan Roofing Ltd we care about our professional reputation and we have achieved this by delivering quality workmanship and using quality materials that are made to last.


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